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Ralph A. Rotolante, founder and President of Vicon Infrared, specializes in infrared FPAs, cameras and systems, including infrared systems for non-destructive test. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Vanderbilt University, and Executive Management Certificates from Indiana University Graduate School of Business. His extensive technical, business and marketing experience, including assignments involving test services, and design/installation of turn-key, integrated IR systems, has afforded experience across several disciplines--aerospace, automotive, medical, military, and electronics, including solar cells. Business and Marketing experience includes U.S. and international participation in technology assessment, including personnel, inventories and IP for acquisition analyses. He has helped several companies successfully launch new infrared product lines and has designed and installed cost-saving infrared systems in laboratories and factories.

Before Vicon, Dr. Rotolante was co-founder and President of New England Research Center, Sudbury, MA. He became a Vice-President of Magnavox upon their acquisition of the company, and led the enterprise to a multi-million dollar infrared sensor manufacturing company.

A perspective on the latest electro-optic technologies and technology trends is given by Dr. Rotolante’s former and present duties on the Infrared Detector Steering Committee, Infrared Information Symposia (now Military Sensing Symposia); and the Government/Industry Steering Committee, Militarily Critical Technologies; Infrared Steering Committee, American Society for Nondestructive Testing; Infrared Applications: Thermosense Steering Committee; and on the Editorial Advisory Board, Laser Focus World Magazine.

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